Thursday, December 11, 2008

ATV accident ends as ‘miracle’, rider returns to Wolfpen Gap over weekend

ATV accident ends as ‘miracle’, rider returns to Wolfpen Gap over weekend

In what can only be described as a “miracle” by everyone involved in the occurrence, Melvin Phares defeated the odds after suffering an ATV accident at Wolf Pen Gap ATV Trails just over a month ago.

Phares and the rest of his party returned to Mena this past weekend to show their appreciation to all those involved who helped Melvin survive sure death.

Phares, of Shreveport, Louisiana, had traveled to this area in a party of eight friends, all from Shreveport, on the weekend of November 1 to enjoy ATV riding on the trails of Wolf Pen Gap. Making a regular occurrence to ride their vehicles, the trip that weekend wasn’t anticipated to be anything out of the ordinary. What they wound up with was an experience none of them will ever forget.

Making the trip up from Shreveport, the gang rented houses in the Caddo Gap area with plans to ride ATVs at the Wolf Pen Gap trails on Halloween weekend to enjoy the fall colors of the wilderness. Upon arriving to the trails on Saturday, November 1, the crew was wrapping up their day of riding by seeking out a cave along the trails. Melvin separated from the crew to wait on his wife before they were to reconvene with the rest of the team. Instead of going straight, as instructed, to catch up to the rest of the pack, Melvin proceeded to take a left turn. Although still daylight, he began traveling on a wrong path. Melvin began to travel up a hill, but didn’t proceed much further, and wife Josie was not as close to him as he first thought.

Noticing that the Phares couple had not caught up yet, a search began to find their location to rejoin up with the rest of the group. Max Timon, friend and co-worker of Melvin’s at Lander’s Dodge Dealership, was the first to locate Melvin, but found him in an unexpected condition. Melvin was underneath his four-wheel Arctic Cat vehicle after an apparent accident.

“As I drove up on him, I could see from 30 yards off that he had turned blue,” Timon said. “I first found him underneath his ATV not breathing.”

According to Timon, he threw the ATV off of Melvin, noticing that he had not suffered any other cuts or apparent injuries. Not ever facing the need to use CPR before, Timon began chest compressions to give Melvin a chance to gain a breath, which finally came in the smallest of fashion. He observed that Melvin’s nose was clogged and that his tongue has swollen nearly three times its normal size, preventing him from his normal ability to breathe. Going on his first reaction to move his tongue out of the way of his breathing passage, Timon stuck his fingers into Melvin's mouth and throat to give him a chance to breathe. Leaving his fingers in Melvin’s mouth to keep his enlarged tongue suppressed, Timon held Melvin in his arms in position for over an hour, praying for him every moment of the way.
Although still unconscious, Melvin slowly began to breathe slightly better, and after Timon noticed a gurgle in Melvin’s throat, he turned him on his side, where he remained until emergency personnel arrived.

With his wife Josie now by his side, she made the continuous proclamation that she was not letting go and was staying with him, according to Timon, and she assured him that she was there for him.
As time passed waiting for emergency personnel to arrive, it began growing dark across the trails. The 911 call was placed at approximately 6:00 p.m. by friend Tracy, but being in the location they were, they couldn’t be conveniently reached by any emergency staff.

The first sign of help came in the form of Gene Medford rumbling up the ATV trails in his personal Chevrolet Tahoe. Medford, having been a first responder for eight years and an EMT for a year and a half, took whatever measures necessary to get to the accident victim.

In addition to the arrival of Medford, many other local residents reacted to the emergency, and did their part in seeing that Phares was given a chance for survival. Among those involved were Steve Willson, Orville Murphy, Cliff Bentley, and Jason Head, of the Board Camp Fire Department, Ethan Smith, of the Big Fork Fire Department, and Cindy and Steve Egger, of Polk County Search and Rescue.

The Eggers delivered a Polaris 6-wheel vehicle that could endure the terrain that Phares had suffered his accident.

Throughout the uncertain moments of the accident site, Timon and the rest of the crew maintained prayer, and Josie kept reciting that she was there for her husband.

After getting him loaded on the flat board and stabilized, he was transported via 6-wheeler to the landing pad of the helicopter en route. Illuminating the landing pad with headlights from ATVs and a beam of a flashlight, the emergency craft made its arrival.

Thanks to EMS personnel Josh Butterworth, Wayne Blume, and Tony Baughman, then due to the professionalism of the LifeAir helicopter crew, Melvin was transported to the St. Michaels Hospital in Texarkana. Once there, it was evaluated that Melvin was 90% brain dead, and the family was in need of finding him a nursing home to spend his days.

With the accident occurring and his diagnosis happening on Saturday night, Timon’s mindframe remained that “we’re going to pray”.

The medical staff at St. Michaels continued do all they could within their power, and call it combination of faithful support, a stroke of good luck, or a miracle, Melvin began to show signs of improvement, although still unconscious.

Calls had been made to family and friends, Melvin’s boss and general manager came to pay their visit, but to their surprise, he awoke to them and called them by name.

Defeating all odds within a handful of hours, Melvin continued to recover and was out of the hospital within days of having what was likely a life altering if not life ending accident.

“God is good,” Timon said. “You have to believe in miracles.”

Melvin's son, Brad, flew in from Germany to see his father in the hospital, but what he never could have imagined was the Melvin would be at the airport waiting on his arrival.

Continuing to improve and gain strength, Melvin not only returned to work within two weeks, but also got back on his ATV to continue his riding ways.

Melvin, Josie, and the rest of the friends returned to Mena this past weekend, not only to take another ride at Wolf Pen Gap, but primarily to thank all those who were involved in their committed efforts on saving Melvin’s life.

Melvin gathered everyone together at the Chopping Block restaurant for an appreciation dinner, and officially met everyone for the first time.

“We can’t say thank you enough to everyone involved,” the Phares said. “It was a miracle, and without them, I wouldn’t be here today.”

While at Wolf Pen Gap Saturday, visiting the same trails and the accident site, Melvin again wrecked his Arctic Cat. He has now decided to sell it.

Timon’s quick thinking and commitment to giving his friend every chance to live, he only asked that Melvin do the same thing if anyone is ever in that same condition.

Miracles do happen.

*Above article taken from the Mena Star website*

I haven't blogged in awhile

A new puppy has been added to our family. She is a three month old toy fox terrier and her name is Roxie. Ryan loves that little dog and she really has taken to him.

We decided to put up the big Christmas tree for Ryan anyway. He does really well when we tell him "no no" around the tree. He loves looking at the lights and says, "oooo!"

Well, my new phone got a ride across town the other day on the back bumper of the car. I was putting Ryan's stroller in the trunk and Josh had just called me. I set my phone down on the bumper so I could finish getting the stroller in and I didn't have a pocket. I went a few miles to my mom and dad's house and was looking for my phone. I opened the trunk to look. I saw something on the bumper light up. It was my phone and someone had sent me a text message. I freaked out for a second or two, but thank goodness that thing didn't fall off. I have to learn to be more careful!

I went to the Dr.'s Tuesday for my regular check-up for Nick. Everything was looking good and his heartbeat was very loud and strong. I am measuring 28.5 at 27 weeks. He said I had gained about 10lbs. in 5 weeks. I was also wearing heavy shoes, jeans, and two shirts. :) I don't think it was exactly 10lbs. Anyway, there's no swelling in my ankles like I had in my last pregnancy. Maybe I will dodge the preeclampsia this go around.

Ryan is learning more words and understands more words each day. It's amazing watching him learn and grow. I cannot wait until he gets to play with his little brother. That will be so precious to watch them grow up together.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving, No Shopping, and Snow

Thanksgiving went well other than Josh having a cold. We didn't go visiting since Josh didn't feel so hot. Ryan liked the turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, and fruit salad. He didn't care for the cranberries though because he made a 'yucky' face and then he spit the cranberries down his shirt.

We didn't go shopping after Thanksgiving at all. There was just no way we were going to fight the crowds. It was a good weekend to just be lazy and hang around the house.

Yesterday it was spitting snow almost all day long. I wasn't expecting snow at all! It seems like we hadn't had snow in November in years. Being in south Arkansas, it usually doesn't snow until late December-January.

I took Ryan for a drive last night to look at the Christmas lights around town. Not many people had put them up yet, but there were a few. Ryan really enjoyed it!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our First Thanksgiving

Today has been pretty busy for me. Josh doesn't get off shift until eight AM tomorrow morning, so I had to prepare some things in advance for Thanksgiving. This is the first year in our almost five year marriage that we will be cooking the whole meal ourselves, and it will be just the three of us eating it as well.

We are having:

  • Turkey
  • Stuffing (two kinds)
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
  • Croissants
  • Cranberries
  • Fruit Salad
  • Blueberry and Apple pies
My kitchen is clean and ready for the wonderful mess that it will become tomorrow. I am ready to cook like mad, and with some help from Josh, hopefully pull off our first Thanksgiving.

Family Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh

Today is my husband, Josh's 31st birthday, but he is working. We decided to celebrate his birthday yesterday in Hot Springs, just the two of us. We went out to eat at the Olive Garden as soon as we got there. It was so good! He and I went shopping after that and got a couple more Christmas gifts for Ryan. The Red Cross was sponsoring and event called, "Tinsel and Traditions" at the Civic Center. There were many booths set up by area businesses. Some were selling Christmas items and others were selling their usual items. We got a small white fiber optic Christmas tree to put on our table since we aren't going to chance putting up the big tree because Ryan will be 17-18 months old. I know it would be just too much of a temptation for him.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I know it has been awhile since I have written anything. I had a bit of an emotional week, and I didn't feel like being on the computer much less blogging.

Well lets start with the obvious: Election 2008! Yes, I voted and not for the man who will be taking office come January. I suppose you could say I was in a Obama funk November 5th. I got over the mood I was in and am much better now. God is in control.

Last Friday Josh, Ryan, and I went out of town to get some outdoor carpeting for our front porch and a tub surround kit for one of our bathrooms. Saturday and Sunday Josh's grandpa and mom came over to help with the carpeting. It looks sharp and very professional!

Today was cold and rainy! I was very disappointed because we weren't supposed to get any water on the carpet for 3-5 days. Here comes the rain this morning, and it has been raining off and on all day/night. We'll have to stick parts of it back down I'm sure.

I should be sleeping. Ryan is asleep and has been for nearly 3 hours. I will write more later when I have more to say.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nicholas Ian's Ultrasound Pictures

Ryan in his Halloween costume!

Ryan in his teddy bear costume.

He made such a cute little cuddle bear if I may say so myself!


Just one of the reasons I am NOT voting for Barack Obama this Tuesday!


I am sickened by this quote! Responsibility for actions and definitely morals should be instilled in children at an early age! Sex outside marriage has consequences no matter how you look at it, but a baby is not a 'punishment'! A baby is a blessing, and how dare Obama speak so carelessly about human life! Please pray for America harder than you've ever prayed before!


Friday, October 31, 2008

21 Week Ultrasound

Yesterday, we had our second ultrasound at 21.5 weeks into my pregnancy. My due date has not changed and is set for March 9, 2009. The baby's head is already down, and is very low. Don't I know it! I've been very sore for the a couple of weeks and I attribute that to the baby being down so low. Everything is looking good and the little one was moving around so much it took us awhile to figure out if it was a boy or a girl. We finally got to see that we are having another BOY! I was a little disappointed that we were not having a girl, but the baby is healthy and there are so many good points to having another boy. I kept all of Ryan's clothing/toys from birth on up. Ryan was very easy on clothing, so it's like new. Ryan will have a friend wherever he goes too. The boys will be around 20 months apart in age. Josh and I are even thinking for the time being they will share a room. For the first several months we will have the little guy in the bassinet in our bedroom though. I will have my monthly Dr. Appointment November 4th. Hopefully he will have reviewed all the measurements of the baby and tell us everything is a go. Now, I am just hoping I will not start developing preeclampsia like I did towards the end of my pregnancy with Ryan!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Infrared Heater

Our EdenPURE heater has been working quite well for us. It does not heat our whole house of course, but it heats our large living room with a ten to twelve foot ceiling. In addition, it heats my son's room that is right off the living room. If we had two of the infrared heaters they would probably heat our entire home. Our house is very old and is a little over 1400 sq. ft. This particular heater is supposed to heat up to 1000 sq. ft. floor to ceiling evenly. This is depending depending on height of ceilings and how well your house is insulated. The heater itself does not get even warm to the touch. There is a small grate the heat comes out of and it should not be touched, the directions indicated. Even though it will not hurt you, the heat coming out on high is quite warm. Another good point is that it is on wheels and very easy to move from room to room. My cat even likes sitting on top of the heater. Overall, I am satisfied with the EdenPURE and I am sure when the electric and gas bills come in I will be even more so. I am very happy with the purchase of this heater.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back and Forth

Today I drug Ryan all over the place! First we went to my parent's house to check on their cats since mom and dad were out of town for the weekend. Later in the afternoon Ryan and I dropped by Josh's work to visit for awhile. My mom called me while I was there. They had gotten back from Branson and wanted us to come over. We stayed for quite awhile, then some friends from Monticello were in town with their little boy who is the same age as Ryan. I took Ryan back to our house so we could meet them there. It was so cute watching those two little boys interact. They were giving hugs, kisses, and being their adorable selves. Ryan and I went back to Grandma and Grandpa's after that....then back to see Josh to tell him goodnight. Ryan and I sure went back and forth a lot today. It was a good day though. Ryan is sleeping soundly now, while his little brother or sister is kicking me. This Thursday is the day we find out if the baby is a boy or girl! I can't wait to see the ultrasound and see our little one moving around.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some Random Pictures

My Rosebush October 24th, 2008!

Autumn Leaves

Spooky Black Walnut Tree

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Nice Day Out and About

Today Josh, Ryan, and I went to eat at the Fish Net restaurant for lunch. It was great as usual and Ryan loved looking at the fish in the fish tank.

After we finished our lunch we went to the AT&T store to get my new phone. I was eligible for an upgrade and I found just the right phone for me.

[A short intermission: Ryan just came around the corner from playing with his Daddy and blew me kisses with both hands at once! No one even told him to, he's just so darn sweet!]

We all decided to walk down to the park and play this afternoon after lunch. While there, we met a very nice lady who was walking her wiener dog. She offered for Ryan to pet the puppy, but the pup was a little scared of strangers. Ryan enjoyed just looking at the puppy up close just the same. We looked (and touched) at all the leaves and trees. Ryan likes to hug the trees and pat the bark, he's such a nice little boy.

Then, we walked down to True North to get a flavored tea. The owner gave Ryan a pickle to eat, which was so sweet of him. He said he used to give out cookies to little ones, but the mom's were complaining, so he changed to pickles. Ha ha! That was good for us, because Ryan loves pickles!

I called the lady that heads the Republican HQ to get a McCain/Palin sign for our yard. She said they were fresh out and her husband had to go out of town to get some more. She asked me where I live and I told her...she said, "Oh, that's just right around the corner from us. We'll just drop the sign off later today!" About 30 minutes ago her husband came over and put the sign up for us. He was such a kind man and I was very thankful for him bringing the sign to us.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Protect the Sanctity of Life (Petition-Please Sign!)

From Mike Huckabee's site, HUCK* PAC:

["I have no doubt that the Democrats' ideas are totally wrong for America and many of their plans would take us the opposite direction from where America needs to go.

Led by Senator Obama, the Majority of the Democrat Party in the House and Senate support the most liberal and indefensible positions on abortion, including a refusal to support a ban on the most vile form of all, partial birth abortion. Led by Senator Obama these Democrats are actively pushing for what the anti-life forces euphemistically call "reproductive rights."

Against them, we must rally every American that seeks to protect and cherish life."]



Monday, October 20, 2008

Problem Solved!

The weather is turning colder and it's almost time to light the gas wall heaters we have in our home. Josh and I have told Ryan at least 100 times not to touch the wall heater in the living room. He isn't even a year and a half old yet, so he doesn't understand that those no nos are for keeping him safe. He still wants to touch the heater especially now that he is walking/running on his own. There is no tempered glass in this type of heater and it's right at the level he can put his hand right in or stick toys in the heater. Josh and I were contemplating getting a fireplace grate and anchoring it to the wall somehow. I know Ryan would still be tempted to pull on the grate and it would still be considerably warm to touch.

The other day while in Ft. Smith I saw an advertisement for an infrared heater. I got on-line when I got home and read about this type of heating and liked what I found. We ordered the EdenPURE portable heater which will heat up to 1000sq. ft. That will at least heat our living room, Ryan's room, and the kitchen. The heater is safe for kids and pets. Kids can even touch the heater and it will not harm them. It has no fire hazard clearance. You can shove it right against a wall or if it gets pushed against a piece of furniture there'll no fire danger. In the US (except HI and AK) - free shipping and it is supposed to reduce your electric bill, or in our case gas bill! The heater uses the same electricity as if you were to use your coffee maker. There are so many great points that I'll just list the link the the site:

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Couple Pictures I Took of Ryan Today

Today Ryan played in the leaves at Grandma and Grandpa's house. He thought it was so much fun to crunch the leaves.

Ryan loves playing the piano! He doesn't bang on the keys like you would expect a 15 month old boy to do. He presses a note, listens to it, then smiles.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quote on Abortion

"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish." -Mother Teresa

Monday, October 13, 2008


Josh, Ryan, and I went to Ft. Smith today (again). They opened a new Target store there yesterday. It's a good thing that we don't have one here or I would be spending too much money there. We were walking through the parking lot (we had to park a mile away) and a man approached us and said, "here, it doesn't have but $2 on it, but you can have this". He handed us a target gift card and told us to buy something for Ryan. That was so nice of him even though it was only $2 we appreciated it and used it. We had so much fun in that store, but we didn't even go through it all, it's huge! It's got a Pizza Hut AND a Starbucks too, whoa. Ha ha! I live in a very small town, can't you tell? Back to the store...I bought some flannel sheets for our bed and a very nice quilt to go with them. I also bought a new sheet set for Ryan's twin bed, a quilt, and a matching lamp for his room. We got Ryan a Tonka steam roller and he loves that thing. He played with it all day in the car and until bedtime at home.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I've Gotta Make up Those 6 Pounds Somewhere!

In the blog, "18 Week Doctor Visit" I mentioned that I lost 6 pounds since the last visit. Tonight my husband (such a doll) went out at 10pm to get me some ice cream. A few minutes ago I ate a Snickers ice cream bar AND a drumstick one right after the other. I wasn't planning on eating both, but I did. I joked with my husband telling him that I had to make up for those 6 pounds I lost somewhere! I am probably going to regret it here in a little while, but they were oh so good. Ha ha, the things you can get away with while being pregnant :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cat Scratch

Ryan loves animals and he's only 15 months old. He was playing with our cat, Domino this morning and she scratched his head and by his eye a bit. I felt so bad because as soon as I saw her lunge for him it was already too late to separate them. I cleaned his face up and it looks like small minor scratches. Domino has never laid a paw on Ryan until today even when he wasn't being 'gentle' with her. We're still working on 'soft' and 'gentle', but from now on I am going to have to make sure I keep Domino's claws clipped and help Ryan when he is trying to pet the kitty.

Friday, October 10, 2008

18 Week Doctor Visit

I am down 6 lbs. from last month and the Doc said "well you won't be a fatty!" LOL. My blood pressure was good and everything else was great. The Doc asked me while we were listening to the baby's heartbeat if in my last pregnancy did I have a girl? I told him no, it was a boy. He said this baby's heart rate was at 180 and that it was an old wives' tale, but this baby might be a girl! He said it is either that or this baby is just kicking up a storm. I looked at my old blogs when I was about this far along with Ryan and his heart rate was always around 150-160. I'm not going to hold my breath over a wives' tale, but I'm hoping for a girl. My ultrasound is scheduled for October 30th at 1PM! I hope the baby will cooperate then and let us know.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Nice Trip Out of Town and Scheduled Dr.'s Appt.

Josh and I went to Ft. Smith yesterday afternoon to go shopping. We got Ryan a couple of Christmas presents and we got him a teddy bear Halloween costume. I put the head piece on Ryan last night and he looked absolutely precious (even more so than usual )! We were going to try to go to the new Target on the Pavilion Drive they were still adding stores to, but Target wasn't open yet. October 12th is when they open. We went back through Poteau as we always do, I hate going down 71 to get to Ft. Smith. Anyways, we stopped at the Poteau Wal-Mart so we wouldn't have to go to ours at home. They didn't have any maternity clothes whatsoever! I even asked! How do ya like that? Oh well, I'll just buy some out of a catalog or online. Josh and I got home fairly early (5PM) and picked Ryan up from his Grandma and Pop's house.

Ryan and I are getting over our colds finally! Josh somehow escaped getting this (lucky). I hate being sick, it just takes so much out of you and I can't think straight. Being pregnant I can't think straight anyways, so being sick on top of that just stinks.

I have my regular monthly check up at Dr. M's tomorrow afternoon. I am 18 wks. right now and I think they will schedule me an ultrasound tomorrow. I hope they can do it in 2 weeks from now...the sooner the better. We are so anxious to see if this baby is a boy or girl so we can start making some plans. I'm so excited for Ryan to be a big brother! It will be wonderful watching them grow up together especially since they will be so close in age. Ryan is so sweet and social already, I know he will love helping take care of his little brother or sister.

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Fun and Productive Day!

This morning Josh got off work and we got a lot of running around done in town. We paid our property tax and picked up some registration forms so we can vote next month. We also went to the bank and paid in full the small loan we had with them for our floors. Josh got to pick up his check for going to Houston a couple of weeks ago for helping out after Hurricane Ike. Since I completely paid off 2 of our major credit cards this week we are thinking of keeping half the check each to do what we please. I also finished my 3rd assignment for my children's literature course this morning and sent it off today. I am so proud.

I had a fabulous day in the park with Josh and Ryan today! The weather was beautiful and cool. We live only 3 blocks from the park, so we walked there with Ryan this afternoon. Josh carried him most of the way, but when we got there Ryan got in the grass and walked all over that park! He played in the little spring that feeds into the ponds and splish splashed in the cold water eek! We walked over to see the ducks too, he really liked that. Every now and then we'd see a squirrel and Ryan would say, "kitty!" Josh put him up on his shoulders for the first time too. Ryan loved that! He is such a daddy's boy, he thinks his daddy is the best. I took a short little video with Josh's phone of Ryan up on Josh's shoulders. I will post it soon, it's too cute!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sick Little Boy

Ryan has been running a high temp since last night. I had given him a luke warm-cool bath, given him baby Tylenol at the correct times, kept giving him fluids, and kept a cool cloth on his head. His temp kept going up and down, but never got under 99. This morning Josh and I took him to the walk-in clinic to see Melinda. She checked his ears and throat, even took a strep test. Thank goodness he didn't have strep or any ear infections. Melinda said that he just has some sort of viral fever and to alternate Motrin/Tylenol. She said also his teeth have some to do with that. It was at 103 last night and also got up that high this morning before we took him in. Now it is back down to 100.7. Poor little guy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Death in the Family

Just as Josh was getting off shift last Thursday morning he got a call from his mom. Helen, Josh's stepmother had called her to tell her Josh's dad was given 2-14 days to live. He had been battling cancer for about 2 years. We packed very quickly and took care of a couple things, but we left about noon that same day to go see Josh's dad in the hospital.

We got to the hospital, which was on the outskirts of San Antonio about 10PM. He was still awake when we got there and he got to see Josh and talk to him for a few minutes. He also got to see Ryan for the first time. He was very tired and weak, so he went to sleep soon after that. We stayed at the hospital for about an hour and a half. He was only breathing 6 times a minute when it should be double that or more. Josh being a Paramedic knew it was bad.

We followed Josh's sister, Celeste back to Josh's dad's house and we stayed there for the night. About 4 in the morning we were woken up by Josh's sister, Dusti. Her mom had called and said that the nurses said it would be best to go ahead and call all the kids to come up to the hospital. He was only breathing 2 times a minute at this point. I think we got at the hospital around 4:30am. They took him off the breathing machine after all the kids had got there and said their goodbyes. He continued to breathe after they took him off the machine for about an hour and a half. At about 6am Friday August, 15th Tim Butterworth passed away.

It was very terrible to see the life drain from his body, but we all knew we'd see him again one day. Last year when he had his lung surgery he accepted Christ into his heart and was saved!! Josh and I didn't know this until right before he died so it was a happy moment amidst a terrible one to learn he was not lost.

The doctor called Josh and his siblings as well as his stepmother into a private room. The doctor wanted to know how they all felt about donating his corneas. It would help someone to see that otherwise couldn't. All of them except the youngest brother, Edward agreed that it would be what he would want to do to help someone see. He was angry and upset and didn't want his dad to go through anymore. They all explained that he wouldn't be going through it, he was already at peace and this would help someone have sight to see their loved ones.

We stayed at their house until about 3:30 that day. The funeral wasn't set to be until Wednesday morning and it was only Friday. Josh and I had to figure out whether or not to drive back home and then back again on Tuesday. He called his work and they had covered his shift for him which meant he had one week before he had to go back to work. We didn't want to put Ryan through 3 more 10 hour trips so we decided to stay at my grandpa's house in Corpus Christi. We were only 3 hours away vs. the 10 hr. trip. He was happy we were coming to stay with him.

In Corpus Ryan got to meet more family that he had never met before including his Great Grandpa Stubblefield. He had cousins and aunts lovin on him and it was wonderful. We stayed with my grandfather until Tuesday morning. It was a nice visit and Josh and Ryan even got to go to the beach for the 1st time.

Tuesday afternoon was the viewing at the funeral home. We got back into Cibolo at 1 pm and the viewing started at 4pm. We all went to the viewing and it was hard to see everyone so sad. They had posters with pictures in the lobby of family and pictures of Tim. There was one of him holding Josh when he was a baby and pictures of Ryan and Josh and I. We stayed for a little over 2 hours and while we were there Josh's Aunt Bea gave him 100 dollars cash out of nowhere so we could stay in a nice hotel.

Josh, Ryan, and I went to the Atrium Inn to get a place to stay the night. We walked over to the Deny's after that since we hadn't eaten since breakfast and it was 6:30-7 now. It was great and then we went back to our room for a bit to rest. A little while later we went to the store to get some more formula for Ryan and a few other things we needed.

Wednesday August, 20 at 10am was the funeral and Josh was one of the pall bearers. It was a nicely done service and there was standing room only for the friends and others. Tim had worked for CPS in Cibolo, TX for 32 1/2 years before he finally had to retire. There were so many men/women from CPS there it was crazy!

After the funeral we went to New Braunfels to the cemetery to say our last goodbyes. The family had red roses and even baby Ryan got a little rose to put on Grandpa Tim's casket. All the pall bearers took their ties off and put them on the casket. Tim would hate to wear ties and he'd be taking them off as soon as he could, so that was kinda a "here's to dad" thing.

We got pictures of the family before we headed back to Arkansas. His family there treated us like we had always been there and were loving and hospitable. We had never met most of them. Josh had met Dusti maybe once when he graduated college 10 years ago. They all loved Ryan and loved on him. I was pleasantly surprised how when even his step-brothers would refer to Josh as their brother when introducing him to other family members. Josh felt very loved and felt like he belonged. I was so very happy they treated us like FAMILY and we did the same. I told Josh, isn't it kinda weird in a good way when you hear them say this is my big brother Josh? It's kinda sad because Josh and I both felt closer to them than Josh's brother that he grew up with here in Arkansas. The Texas siblings treated us more like family than his brother ever has! It's good to know we have family like that in Texas we can keep in touch with and visit :) They kept saying how proud that his dad was of Josh and how much he loved and thought of him and his grandbaby, Ryan. He carried a picture of Ryan with him.

Friday, August 8, 2008

This Week's News

I had a doctor's appointment and was prescribed 1/2 a Unisom tablet 3 times a day because I had lost 6lbs. since last month's visit. Unisom is supposed to help a lot with nausea. Josh and I heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time too.

Josh's supervisor let Josh take paid vacation days for those 2 he missed when his Dad passed away. Today his boss told everyone they were getting a 3 % raise which is only the 1st round of the raises they said. Whoo hoo.

Ryan was watching Oswald the other day and there's a character on there called Daisy. Out of the blue Ryan says "Daisy!" clear as a bell. What a big boy. He points at everything and says "ook" (look). He's getting better with his walking, but he is still gaining confidence. One thing that is different is his sleeping patterns. He used to sleep from 10pm-8am without waking up at all. Since we got back from Texas he's been waking up almost every night crying in his crib. Last night he woke up at 3am and then I got him back to sleep in 5 min., but then he woke up at 4am crying again. I took him to lay in mine and Josh's bed and he stayed asleep until 7:30. Josh has been was at work, so it was just Ryan and I. We can't figure out if he has just gotten afraid of the dark or spoiled to be in the same bed as mom and dad. In Texas he would sleep between Josh and I every night for more than a week. I need to get a pack-n-play and put it in our room, so he can sleep in his own 'bed' but be in the same room as us.

I got my hair cut yesterday. I got it layered and it feels so much better than it did. My hair is so thick and it was so long that it would get knots even if I used conditioner.

The realtors have been showing our house almost every day. We haven't had any bites yet, just looky-loos so far. We shall see.

We had something happen this week that may help us with getting a new house and not have to live from paycheck to paycheck. God really blessed us with this. I'm so thankful!!
I heard that a gal I used to work with, her baby was flown yesterday morning to Children's hospital. The baby was born on the 26th. I have no more details, but please keep the Baber family in your prayers!

My mom has Ryan for the afternoon so I can get some rest. I have so much laundry to do, but I am not going to stress about it. Josh will be home tomorrow for the next 3 days and I will get it done then.