Monday, October 20, 2008

Problem Solved!

The weather is turning colder and it's almost time to light the gas wall heaters we have in our home. Josh and I have told Ryan at least 100 times not to touch the wall heater in the living room. He isn't even a year and a half old yet, so he doesn't understand that those no nos are for keeping him safe. He still wants to touch the heater especially now that he is walking/running on his own. There is no tempered glass in this type of heater and it's right at the level he can put his hand right in or stick toys in the heater. Josh and I were contemplating getting a fireplace grate and anchoring it to the wall somehow. I know Ryan would still be tempted to pull on the grate and it would still be considerably warm to touch.

The other day while in Ft. Smith I saw an advertisement for an infrared heater. I got on-line when I got home and read about this type of heating and liked what I found. We ordered the EdenPURE portable heater which will heat up to 1000sq. ft. That will at least heat our living room, Ryan's room, and the kitchen. The heater is safe for kids and pets. Kids can even touch the heater and it will not harm them. It has no fire hazard clearance. You can shove it right against a wall or if it gets pushed against a piece of furniture there'll no fire danger. In the US (except HI and AK) - free shipping and it is supposed to reduce your electric bill, or in our case gas bill! The heater uses the same electricity as if you were to use your coffee maker. There are so many great points that I'll just list the link the the site:


richies said...

I would like to hear how this heater works after you have had a chance to use it. Sounds good.

Kara said...

I will post how this heater works. It should arrive at the end of this week!