Sunday, October 12, 2008

I've Gotta Make up Those 6 Pounds Somewhere!

In the blog, "18 Week Doctor Visit" I mentioned that I lost 6 pounds since the last visit. Tonight my husband (such a doll) went out at 10pm to get me some ice cream. A few minutes ago I ate a Snickers ice cream bar AND a drumstick one right after the other. I wasn't planning on eating both, but I did. I joked with my husband telling him that I had to make up for those 6 pounds I lost somewhere! I am probably going to regret it here in a little while, but they were oh so good. Ha ha, the things you can get away with while being pregnant :)


Jaclyn said...

Must be nice! My doctor chewed me out last visit cause I had put 7 lbs on in a month.. Oops! I've been craving lots of Cruizzers!

Kara said...

In your pictures on Facebook you don't look like you have gained much at all. I'm sure you will lose the weight really quickly after you have Ike!