Friday, October 3, 2008

A Fun and Productive Day!

This morning Josh got off work and we got a lot of running around done in town. We paid our property tax and picked up some registration forms so we can vote next month. We also went to the bank and paid in full the small loan we had with them for our floors. Josh got to pick up his check for going to Houston a couple of weeks ago for helping out after Hurricane Ike. Since I completely paid off 2 of our major credit cards this week we are thinking of keeping half the check each to do what we please. I also finished my 3rd assignment for my children's literature course this morning and sent it off today. I am so proud.

I had a fabulous day in the park with Josh and Ryan today! The weather was beautiful and cool. We live only 3 blocks from the park, so we walked there with Ryan this afternoon. Josh carried him most of the way, but when we got there Ryan got in the grass and walked all over that park! He played in the little spring that feeds into the ponds and splish splashed in the cold water eek! We walked over to see the ducks too, he really liked that. Every now and then we'd see a squirrel and Ryan would say, "kitty!" Josh put him up on his shoulders for the first time too. Ryan loved that! He is such a daddy's boy, he thinks his daddy is the best. I took a short little video with Josh's phone of Ryan up on Josh's shoulders. I will post it soon, it's too cute!