Friday, October 31, 2008

21 Week Ultrasound

Yesterday, we had our second ultrasound at 21.5 weeks into my pregnancy. My due date has not changed and is set for March 9, 2009. The baby's head is already down, and is very low. Don't I know it! I've been very sore for the a couple of weeks and I attribute that to the baby being down so low. Everything is looking good and the little one was moving around so much it took us awhile to figure out if it was a boy or a girl. We finally got to see that we are having another BOY! I was a little disappointed that we were not having a girl, but the baby is healthy and there are so many good points to having another boy. I kept all of Ryan's clothing/toys from birth on up. Ryan was very easy on clothing, so it's like new. Ryan will have a friend wherever he goes too. The boys will be around 20 months apart in age. Josh and I are even thinking for the time being they will share a room. For the first several months we will have the little guy in the bassinet in our bedroom though. I will have my monthly Dr. Appointment November 4th. Hopefully he will have reviewed all the measurements of the baby and tell us everything is a go. Now, I am just hoping I will not start developing preeclampsia like I did towards the end of my pregnancy with Ryan!


richies said...

What an exciting time in your life. My granddaughters are two years apart. I think that is good spacing.

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