Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sick Little Boy

Ryan has been running a high temp since last night. I had given him a luke warm-cool bath, given him baby Tylenol at the correct times, kept giving him fluids, and kept a cool cloth on his head. His temp kept going up and down, but never got under 99. This morning Josh and I took him to the walk-in clinic to see Melinda. She checked his ears and throat, even took a strep test. Thank goodness he didn't have strep or any ear infections. Melinda said that he just has some sort of viral fever and to alternate Motrin/Tylenol. She said also his teeth have some to do with that. It was at 103 last night and also got up that high this morning before we took him in. Now it is back down to 100.7. Poor little guy.