Thursday, December 11, 2008

I haven't blogged in awhile

A new puppy has been added to our family. She is a three month old toy fox terrier and her name is Roxie. Ryan loves that little dog and she really has taken to him.

We decided to put up the big Christmas tree for Ryan anyway. He does really well when we tell him "no no" around the tree. He loves looking at the lights and says, "oooo!"

Well, my new phone got a ride across town the other day on the back bumper of the car. I was putting Ryan's stroller in the trunk and Josh had just called me. I set my phone down on the bumper so I could finish getting the stroller in and I didn't have a pocket. I went a few miles to my mom and dad's house and was looking for my phone. I opened the trunk to look. I saw something on the bumper light up. It was my phone and someone had sent me a text message. I freaked out for a second or two, but thank goodness that thing didn't fall off. I have to learn to be more careful!

I went to the Dr.'s Tuesday for my regular check-up for Nick. Everything was looking good and his heartbeat was very loud and strong. I am measuring 28.5 at 27 weeks. He said I had gained about 10lbs. in 5 weeks. I was also wearing heavy shoes, jeans, and two shirts. :) I don't think it was exactly 10lbs. Anyway, there's no swelling in my ankles like I had in my last pregnancy. Maybe I will dodge the preeclampsia this go around.

Ryan is learning more words and understands more words each day. It's amazing watching him learn and grow. I cannot wait until he gets to play with his little brother. That will be so precious to watch them grow up together.


richies said...

I'm glad your cell phone didn't fall off. Once I put the gas cap to my car on the back window, and didn't notice it until i reached home over twenty miles away. Once at my shop, I left the shop phone under the hood of a customers car. He noticed it about a month later, and brought it back to me.

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