Friday, October 10, 2008

18 Week Doctor Visit

I am down 6 lbs. from last month and the Doc said "well you won't be a fatty!" LOL. My blood pressure was good and everything else was great. The Doc asked me while we were listening to the baby's heartbeat if in my last pregnancy did I have a girl? I told him no, it was a boy. He said this baby's heart rate was at 180 and that it was an old wives' tale, but this baby might be a girl! He said it is either that or this baby is just kicking up a storm. I looked at my old blogs when I was about this far along with Ryan and his heart rate was always around 150-160. I'm not going to hold my breath over a wives' tale, but I'm hoping for a girl. My ultrasound is scheduled for October 30th at 1PM! I hope the baby will cooperate then and let us know.