Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Nice Day Out and About

Today Josh, Ryan, and I went to eat at the Fish Net restaurant for lunch. It was great as usual and Ryan loved looking at the fish in the fish tank.

After we finished our lunch we went to the AT&T store to get my new phone. I was eligible for an upgrade and I found just the right phone for me.

[A short intermission: Ryan just came around the corner from playing with his Daddy and blew me kisses with both hands at once! No one even told him to, he's just so darn sweet!]

We all decided to walk down to the park and play this afternoon after lunch. While there, we met a very nice lady who was walking her wiener dog. She offered for Ryan to pet the puppy, but the pup was a little scared of strangers. Ryan enjoyed just looking at the puppy up close just the same. We looked (and touched) at all the leaves and trees. Ryan likes to hug the trees and pat the bark, he's such a nice little boy.

Then, we walked down to True North to get a flavored tea. The owner gave Ryan a pickle to eat, which was so sweet of him. He said he used to give out cookies to little ones, but the mom's were complaining, so he changed to pickles. Ha ha! That was good for us, because Ryan loves pickles!

I called the lady that heads the Republican HQ to get a McCain/Palin sign for our yard. She said they were fresh out and her husband had to go out of town to get some more. She asked me where I live and I told her...she said, "Oh, that's just right around the corner from us. We'll just drop the sign off later today!" About 30 minutes ago her husband came over and put the sign up for us. He was such a kind man and I was very thankful for him bringing the sign to us.